Spiritual Candles for Manifestion at Illumiante Your Spirit in Plymouth Michigan

Manifestation is the key to helping you bring what it is that you looking for in your life.

Boom there it is. That’s it in a nut shell. You need more cash..BOOM, manifest it! You want a new job…BOOM, manifest it. Looking for the love of your life….BOO..OK you get the picture.

Is it really that easy? Is manifestation a real thing? I am here to tell you..YES ABSOLUTELY!!!! In fact my store is living  proof of manifesting.

Ever since I had my spiritual awakening ( or more like, finally not living in fear and accepting that ” yes I do in fact talk to dead people”.) I read every book that I could get my hands on. I practiced, took classes, and stepped out of my comfort zone and started to live my life with Spirit and do tarot card and medium readings.

In my journey of learning this new life, the word manifestation came up more and more to me. So much in fact that I was lead to read a few books on the subject. I started to turn my thinking around & I started to light candles to help with my focus & intent. I found that by doing this, we  actually have  more control over our lives and what happens then we realize. It is amazing to me how easy it is to bring into our lives what we are NEEDING and getting rid of what we DON’T need.

I found that by taking the time to quiet my mind, lighting a candle and stating my intention, that it took no time at all for things that were in my highest good to come to me. Now notice that I said “in my highest good.” Because a lot of times  what we WANT is not always what we need.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, OK I really want to get this debt paid off, or I want to release this negativity out of my life and open new doors of opportunity, but how does lighting one of your spiritual candles do this for me?

Well here is how it works!

  *When you light a candle you are creating an action. There are also colors and herbs and oils that have magical properties to help boost the power of your manifestation as well. When you create an action there is a reaction.

*You are taking the action to light the green money candle, (that smells amazing by the way) to bring in abundance and prosperity.

*You ask your Angels and guides to help open this into your life and let the abundance flow, you let the candle burn which creates the energy.

*When you blow out the candle you are releasing this into the universe. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! You have to release this, you can not hold on to it, if you do you hold the energy in and prevents you from manifesting what you are needing.

That is why I am working towards not being just your go to shop for tarot card readings and medium readings but also your go to shop for spiritual candles for manifesting what ever you need that is in your highest good into your life.

Please feel free to leave any comments about things that you may have manifested into your life and what you may have done to bring this to you. I love to hear how this has helped to change your life!

PS- a friend of mine came in and bought a bunch of candles like Road Opener, and Poof for getting rid of negativity, and Come To Me to help bring her what is in her highest good. Within a few months she met a man, married him and is now one happy lady. I jokingly told her “aren’t you glad you bought those candles?” LOL  ;)



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About Shelly Paull

Channeled words from Spirit, tarot card readings that go deep into your situation or concern that assist you to keep moving forward. Not just a Tarot reading ... Shelly is a psychic medium and Owner of Illuminate Your Spirit.

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