How to get the most out of your psychic medium or tarot card reading.

Psychic tarot card and medium readings (connecting to loved ones who have crossed into Spirit) are a great way to get a good look into a situation or to help bring closure, or even to help calm your nerves about a tough decision or situation that you are going through. Many times I have witnessed how much lighter and happier someone is when they leave form their psychic reading VS how they fist came in. Even those clients that I have been reading for since Illuminate Your Spirit opened in 2011 have come so far, and I do believe that is due to Spirits help. Now notice how I said Spirit and not me. I am just the messenger, it is Spirit who does all the work.

First off who is it that comes through during your psychic tarot reading? Where does the information come from and how can I get the most out of my reading?

Well as I tell my clients when they first sit down with me for their tarot reading, I explain that I am channeling (when a spirit talks through the reader). I do not go into a trace or my eyes do not roll back into my head, nor do I levitate off the chair (how ever that part MIGHT be fun) I simply listen and hear what Spirit wants you to know and I relay the message. As do most of my psychics and mediums what work at Illuminate Your Spirit.

The Key here to get the most out of your time during your psychic reading is to be fully open to what is being said to you. You have to let down your guard and understand that in order for this process to work, the three way street must be opened and the orange barrels need to be left outside.  Your psychic reading is between you, Spirit and the one doing the psychic reading. So if you are angry, doubtful, have huge expectations of what YOU feel you WANT to know, then you might be disappointed. BUT if you go in with an open mind, try your best to be calm, (everyone gets nervous) and not expect to hear a specific thing, then you are going to not only hear what you are wanting to, but also what you  are needing to.

Part of being open to spirit and getting a great psychic reading or medium reading is to try your best to not make everything that is said to fit right then and there. Sometimes things come up and trigger what I like to call, “psychic amnesia”, the messages from Spirit are not always clear and that is why you need to have that three way street open. Here is an example:

A week or so ago I had a Mother and Daughter come in with the hopes to connect to their son/brother who had crossed into Spirit. Lucky for us he walked right in with them. As we sat down in my reading room I began to channel messages from him giving validation that it was him. Suddenly I clairvoyantly saw a window but that was it. No message was relaid with this, just a window. I asked the Mom if this made any sense and why would he show this to me. It takes our loved ones in Spirit A LOT of energy to come through to us, so they are going to get their message to me in the fastest easiest way possible. But for the life of her, she had no idea about the reference to the window. After our session we were talking and he wanted to remind them one last time that he is with them when the Mom replied ” Yes, I am sure of that. A few weeks ago I hit my hand on the corner of the counter top in the kitchen. I said a few choice words and my grandson said “Grandma daddy does not want you to say those words around me, but he thinks its funny”.” How do you know he thinks its funny?” Was her replie to him. “Cuz I can see him standing there outside looking at us from the window.”

That was what the Spirit was saying, he was confirming that it did happen and she also replied that many visitors have seen him walk past outside this very window.  So the point to this is that sometime when doing this type of work, we have to de-code spirits messages and it is not always crystal clear. SO this is where being open to what ever comes is the best way to get the most out of your psychic and medium readings.

If you are interested in learning more about our psychics or about how you can book an appointment either in the shop or over the phone, please check out our “Illuminate Your Spirit” page or our “Psychics and Medium” page.

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About Shelly Paull

Channeled words from Spirit, tarot card readings that go deep into your situation or concern that assist you to keep moving forward. Not just a Tarot reading ... Shelly is a psychic medium and Owner of Illuminate Your Spirit.

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  1. Thank you for this Great share Shelly!! It is wonderful information that should most diffidently help those who are interested in a spirit reading~`You nailed it!


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