Medium Readings in Plymouth Michigan

As a Medium, I act as a facilitator between our world and the spirit world.  I am so excited to be able to have a place where my clients can come and meet with those who have crossed over.

It is exciting enough to have your own spiritual business, but it is even better when it is in downtown Plymouth Michigan! Plymouth has such an amazing spiritual vibe to it already!!! With the vintage homes and small town atmosphere, it is the perfect spot for Illuminate Your Spirit!

There is always so many wonderful events going on in downtown Plymouth that it will always be fun to go into work each day!
I am sure that my clients will always feel safe coming to their appointments and they too will enjoy the ambiance that Plymouth holds.

Doing Medium readings for my clients always brings such joy to me. It is always so amazing to me to see that their loved ones spirit lives on and that they are still with us today.  It is so wonderful to see my clients receive confirmation that their loves one is with us as I sit and channel their messages.  I will never judge what is said, I am only their to bring to you comfort and joy and you get to reconnect to those you love.

Someone just asked me recently “why Plymouth?” I was shocked by this question. I replied “why not? Plymouth has so much to offer. Not to mention that we will be just 2 doors down from one of Michigan’s most popular metaphysical stores! Plymouth has many different shops to visit and have a very wide variety of restaurants too.”

To me it is the perfect place to have Illuminate Your Spirit.

If you would like more information on Illuminate Your Spirit and the many services they offer, you can click on the Illuminate Your Spirit link here. If you would like information on how to receive a medium reading from Shelly, please click on the “Schedule Appointment” button.

Love & Light to you!

Psychic Medium

Tarot and Medium readings that will transform and empower your life!


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About Shelly Paull

Channeled words from Spirit, tarot card readings that go deep into your situation or concern that assist you to keep moving forward. Not just a Tarot reading ... Shelly is a psychic medium and Owner of Illuminate Your Spirit.

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